This brace is highly aesthetic. You can attain a beautiful smile with little discomfort, shorter appointments, and reduce the time of treatment. The In-Ovation C brace is self-ligated (there are no elastics) which results in less irritation and better control on oral hygiene.

This is the new technology for metal braces. This brace is smaller than the traditional metal braces. It reduces the treatment time and there are fewer appointments. It is also self-ligated (no elastics), making it more aesthetic, comfortable and hygienic.

Fun & fashionable for kids as they can choose their own colors & change the ligatures at every appointment. 

This technique is indeed completely invisible because the braces are bonded on the back of the teeth. The lingual braces offer maximum comfort and do not restrict speech as do the various clear aligners such as Invisalign. Lingual braces are especially desirable for adults who do not wish to show any visible appliances. Transparent braces or clear plastic aligners are not truly invisible. Lingual braces are.