What is the cost for an orthodontic treatment?
The cost of a treatment varies from one patient to another depending on the severity of the malocclusion and age of the patient. A treatment fee will be established at the consultation appointment. A fee schedule with monthly payments may be arranged with no interest charges.

What will be the duration of the treatment?
The duration of treatment varies from one patient to another depending on the severity of the malocclusion and the age of the patient. The average treatment period can range from one to two years. A longer treatment may occur in the case of adult malocclusions or when patient compliance is poor.

What will be the frequency of appointments for adjustments during treatment?
The adjustment appointments are usually six to eight weeks apart. They often can be arranged so that children and adults do not miss school or work.

Will I experience any pain during my treatment?

Patients may experience some discomfort at the beginning of the treatment when the teeth begin to move. This will involve minor soreness of the teeth. After the initial week of treatment, patients rarely complain of discomfort. At each visit when the orthodontic wires are changed the teeth may be sensitive for one or two days.

Will I need to have any teeth removed before the treatment?
Permanent teeth may need to be removed when there is an excessive lack of space to align the teeth. Baby teeth may be removed in order to facilitate the eruption of the permanent teeth. No spaces remain at the termination of treatment. Permanent teeth extractions are required in only about 15% of my orthodontic patients.

How can I keep my teeth and gums in good dental health during orthodontic treatment?
You will be given all the proper oral hygiene instructions and materials once the orthodontic treatment has begun. Brushing will be required at least three times daily and flossing should be done in the specific manner you will be shown. Regular check-ups with your dentist for cleaning and radiographs to check for cavities should be scheduled every six months during the orthodontic treatment. In some situations adults may be advised to see their dentist every three months for cleaning and scaling of their teeth.

Will I need to modify my diet?
Most foods can be eaten and very little dietary change is necessary. Foods high in sugar content should be avoided. All sticky or hard foods must be avoided. A detailed list will be given to you once your orthodontic treatment has begun.

Will my teeth shift once orthodontic treatment is completed and the braces are removed?

Retainers will be made to maintain the correct alignment of the teeth. They will be either removable or fixed and if worn and maintained as instructed, patients can be confident that their beautiful smile will not change.